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Vaccinations against swine influenza continue, telephone helpline will be close

Social- och hälsovårdsministeriet
17.2.2010 11.33
Press release -

Getting a vaccination against swine influenza is still recommended. Vaccinations can contribute to preventing a second wave of the influenza, which is according to experts likely to occur next autumn at the latest.  During this spring taking the vaccination is free of charge for all those resident in Finland.

Until now approximately 2.2 million Finns have been vaccinated.  More information about the dates and places of vaccination is available at municipal websites, in local papers and health centres.  People in employment are advised to ask their employer if they can get the vaccination through their occupational health service.

The telephone helpline Ask about influenza will be closed

The helpline is open for the last day on Friday 19 February.  In recent weeks only about 20 to 30 calls per week have been received.

The callers have mostly asked about vaccinations, the safety of the vaccine and the places of vaccination. Altogether 9501 phone calls have been answered in Finnish and 278 in Swedish.  Most calls were received in November, about 1500 per week.  The telephone helpline has served citizens since July 2009.

In the future information about swine influenza and vaccinations is available from the local health centres and the website of the National Institute for Health and Welfare.

Further information

Merja Saarinen, Ministerial Counsellor for Health Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, tel.  (09) 160 74030
Tapani Melkas, Director, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, tel. (09) 160 73886
Kristiina Mukala, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, tel.  (09) 160 74342
Tuija Leino, Senior Research Officer, National Institute for Health and Welfare, tel.  020 610 8787

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