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Centres of expertise and support to respond to special needs of children and young people

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
17.4.2019 9.14 | Published in English on 17.4.2019 at 9.51
Press release

Children and young people with special needs are often clients of many services, such as child welfare services and specialised medical care. Often they also need special support for their schooling and later education. Various authorities should actively cooperate to respond to the needs of these children and young people and to organise their services on a sustainable basis.

Plans have been made to establish five centres of expertise and support for this purpose. The centres would provide and ensure the most demanding services for children, young people and families. Each centre would also be responsible for research and development in their field and for coordinating the services within its collaborative area. 

The programme to address child and family services created the model for the centres of expertise and support.  A working group appointed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health will continue to prepare the establishment of the centres until 31 May 2020. 


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