Nordic cooperation

Finland collaborates on social affairs and health issues, gender equality, occupational health and safety, and foodstuffs with its Nordic neighbours - Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland, and with the autonomous areas of Aland Islands, the Faeroe Islands and Greenland.

The focus of this cooperation in the social and health sector is to promote

  • the equal treatment of citizens
  • societal solidarity
  • the availability of primary services
  • the quality and security of services.

One result of this collaboration are the Nordic social security and social service agreements to facilitate the free movement of Nordic citizens in the region.

In cooperation on gender equality the countries exchange knowledge and information, learn from the best practices and discuss topical national and international gender equality challenges. The work is based on a four-year-long cooperation programme. 

The intergovernmental organ that facilitates this cooperation is the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM). The different health and social ministries of the Nordic countries direct Nordic cooperation on health and social policy.

The ministers responsible for gender equality meet once a year and also during the meeting of UN Committee on the Status of Women´s session in New York.



Maria Waltari, neuvotteleva virkamies 
sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö, Kansainvälisten asioiden yksikkö / KVR 0295163337  


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