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Initiating the social security agreement negotiations the theme for Minister Risikko's visit

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Publication date 23.3.2012 12.36
Press release -

Minister of Social Affairs and Health Paula Risikko negotiates next week in Tokyo with the Japanese Minister of Health, Ms Yoko Komiyama, over a bilateral social security agreement between Japan and Finland. Minister Risikko also meets with the Japanese Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Katsuya Okada, to discuss the sustainability of social security systems as well as taxation issues. Both Japan and Finland are facing the challenge of a very rapid population ageing. Minister Risikko is visiting Japan and Singapore on 25-29 March.

Finland hopes to initiate negotiations on a social security agreement with Japan. A bilateral social security agreement would make it easier to post workers between Finland and Japan as the enterprises would no longer need to pay social insurance contributions to both countries. Finland also aims to reach an agreement on transferring pension rights between the countries. Especially representatives of Finnish business and industry have stressed the need for a bilateral social security agreement.

While in Japan, Minister Risikko also visits the Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center and takes part in the seminar Sustainable Health Care in the 21st Century, organised by the Finnish Embassy in Tokyo.

Finland's good public health practices on the agenda at the Healthcare in Asia roundtable

Minister Risikko takes part in the Healthcare in Asia 2012 roundtable organised by the Economist Group in Singapore next week. She was invited to discuss the public health impacts of the Finnish health care system. A particular focus will be on the impact the increasing prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases have on the sustainability of the health care system. The Economist organises discussion forums on different continents with the aim of bringing together leading experts from around the world to discuss burning questions in connection with health care reforms in the region.

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