European Union: social, health and gender equality issues

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is in charge of its own sectoral matters in the EU in terms of preparation, follow-up, defining Finland’s standpoint, drafting EU legislation and implementing it in Finland.

EU matters dealt with by the MSAH include

  • social protection
  • social security coordination 
  • gender equality
  • occupational health and safety
  • insurance
  • health services, public health and environmental health
  • supervision of pharmaceuticals
  • narcotics – drug prevention

EU decisions and directives have a considerable impact on operations in the social welfare and health care sector. Immigration matters, for instance, are of constant relevance for social protection.

Social and health policy perspectives must be taken equally into account alongside economic, employment and environmental aspects in the development of the EU internal market and competition policy and in assessing the impacts of taxation and income transfers. A new holistic approach, the Economy of Wellbeing, should also better interlink wellbeing and economic policies.

EU issues in the ministry are coordinated by the EU Coordination Group.



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