Social and health care personnel

Some 366 700 people are employed in the social and healthcare sector (2009). About a quarter of them work in non-governmental organizations or for private companies.

The MSAH administers the work of social and health care staff nationally and is responsible for developing the sector's human resources. This administration relies on various means: legislation, recommedations, and state support for municipal development programmes. The National Development Programme for Social Welfare and Health Care (Kaste) provides extensive measures for developing personnel recruitment, expertise and management.

The MSAH seeks to ensure that social and health care has sufficient human resources and strong professional expertise.

The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the training of social and health care personnel.

Developing human resources

Personnel form the key strategic asset and factor in the successful operation of the social and health care sector. Human resource development affects the quality and output of services, as well as staff well-being at work.

Advisory boards and working groups support personnel development

The Advisory Board of Health Care Professionals assesses the training development requirements of health care professionals and initiates training reforms.

The Steering Group for Development of Nursing care draws up a programme of action on nursing and assists with its implementation.

The Forum for Social Sector Professionals works to improve the effectiveness of management structures and working practices in social care and services, and to promote staff availability, and expertise and well-being.

The Advisory Board for Early Childhood Education and Care is responsible for ensuring that there is sufficient personnel, expertise, division of labour and management in this field.

From 2010-2011 the MSAH and Ministry of Finance carried out a training and development programme to support the reform and management of change within social and health care.

Forecasting expertise and human resource needs in social and health care

The MSAH takes part in inter-ministerial work on forecasting personnel and training requirements and in developing specialist networks.

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