Roma policy

Romanipolitiikka - kuvituskuvaThe MSAH bears an overall responsibility for the health and welfare of the population. The Government Programme stresses that special activities will be focused on furthering education and employment among the Roma population, resolving housing problems and promoting the inclusion of Roma youth and families.

The overall objectives of the National Policy on Roma, published in 2009, are to promote the inclusion and equal treatment of Roma in different spheres of life. The programme is a comprehensive action plan, prepared in cooperation with different authorities and representatives of the Roma community. Roma policy guidelines are also defined in a government resolution of 2010.

The MSAH has also established a steering and monitoring group on implementing Roma policy.

The MSAH works with the Advisory Board on Roma Affairs, which is tasked to
Monitor and promote the development of the economic, social and educational living conditions of the Roma population

  • Promote the opportunities for social inclusion, equal treatment and prevent discrimination of Roma
  • Function as a cooperative and specialist body for the Roma community and the authorities.

International regulation and cooperation

In recent years the European Union has developed cooperative structures for promoting the inclusion of Roma. The EU also seeks to further the status of Roma and their social inclusion in EU member states, among other things by spreading information and experiences of best practices between member states, and by supporting the creation and implementation of strategies on Roma.

The EU aims to develop a policy on Roma within the Union and its member states.

The inter-governmental Council of Europe has worked for over 40 years to improve the human rights and status of Roma in Europe. Its general assembly and ministerial committee have issued numerous recommendations to member states on promoting the rights and status of Roma.

In addition, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the United Nations (UN) work to further the status of Roma in Europe.

Key publications

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has issues a handbook on promoting Roma policy in Europe.

The Ministry of Environment has published a report on housing and equal treatment for Roma (in Finnish):

The National Board of Education has on the other hand has published a report on the basic education of Roma pupils (summary in English), and a review of best practices in supporting the basic education of Roma pupils (in Finnish):

The Advisory Board on Roma Affairs' web link contains numerous publications on Roma issues:

Advisory Board on Roma affairs (publications)