Substance abuse and harm prevention

The MSAH is involved in policy planning, guidance and drafting legislation concerning alcohol, tobacco and drug use, including harm prevention caused by substance and tobacco use.

In addition, the MSAH works to prevent harm due to gambling.

The objective of alcohol and drug policy is to

  • prevent and reduce substance abuse and social and health harm from it
  • promote the functional capacity of substance abusers and
  • increase the security of their significant others.


Alcohol policy coordinated by the MSAH seeks to tackle the social, health and societal harm caused by alcohol abuse.


The MSAH coordinates Finland's policy on drugs, which is implemented in collaboration with different administrative sectors. The aim of policy is to prevent the use and spread of drugs in order to lessen the harmful impact caused in economic, social and individual terms.


The MSAH takes a leading role in promoting smoke-free and tobacco control initiatives in Finland. It is responsible for the implementation of the Tobacco Act, which stipulates measures to reduce smoking.


The MSAH directs efforts to tackle the financial, social and psychological impact of problem gambling.