Reform of pharmaceutical matters

The aim of the reform is to make pharmaceutical services more cost-effective, safeguard medication safety and guidance, and secure the availability, accessibility and smooth running of services.

Pharmaceutical services will be reformed on a long-term basis, taking into account the roadmap presented by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in 2019.

The measures included in the roadmap will extend across several government terms.

Implementation of the roadmap for pharmaceutical matters consists of three development areas

  • Development of the guidance and funding of pharmacotherapy

    The aim in developing guidance and funding is to promote the rational use of medicines and manage pharmacotherapy costs. Publicly funded pharmacotherapy as a whole would be determined on medical grounds based on evidence and cost-effectiveness assessments. Another aim is to strengthen national guidance and to support the arrangement of regional guidance of pharmaceutical services.
  • Development of the pharmaceutical economy and the distribution of medicines

    The aim in developing the pharmaceutical economy and the distribution of medicines is to reduce the pharmacy system’s share of the pharmacotherapy costs. However, it is important that the availability of medicines, the accessibility of services and the realisation of rational pharmacotherapy are not compromised. Another aim is to define the objective and duties of the retail distributors of medicines and, based on this, to identify development needs.
  • Developing information management and digital tools

    The aim is to promote better access to information and its timely and secure use. Another aim is to develop better digital tools and services that meet the needs of both healthcare and social welfare professionals and people using medicines. These aims support, for example, the realisation of safe and successful pharmacotherapy.

Coordination group monitors and supports the implementation of the roadmap for pharmaceutical matters and the preparation of development measures

The coordination group has appointed sub-committees for the above-mentioned development areas. These sub-committees are the sub-committee for the guidance and funding of pharmacotherapy, the sub-committee for information management in pharmacotherapy and the sub-committee for pharmacy services.

The members of the coordination group come from various ministries and government agencies. If necessary, the group may invite experts to support its work. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is responsible for preparing the roadmap for pharmaceutical matters and the relevant government proposals and for implementing the roadmap.

Further information

Elina Asola, Senior Specialist 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Department for Safety, Security and Health / TUTO, Biotechnology and Medicines Unit / BILA 0295163437