Young people and work

Longer working careers can be created by making it easier for young people to access training and by preventing social exclusion. People should also be able to enter working life as quickly as possible after training.

Social guarantee supports youth employment

The Government Programme includes implementation of a social guarantee for young people, requiring that each person younger than 25 years and each recent graduate under 30 years of age be offered work, a traineeship, or a study, workshop or labour market rehabilitation place within three months of becoming unemployed.

There are also action guidelines for use at local and regional levels to implement the social guarantee for young people.

Work orientation

Workplace accidents involving young employees is often due to their insufficient work orientation and guidance. The Occupational Safety and Health Act compels employers to provide sufficient work orientation, including in the use of equipment.

Under-18-year-olds are subject to stricter regulations concerning working age restrictions and terms of employment.


Further information

Antti Janas, Deputy Director General 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Työ- ja tasa-arvo-osasto / TTO, Säädösyksikkö / SY 0295163501