The Finnish pension system is an important element in providing income security

  • in old age
  • the event of work incapacity
  • in the event of the death of a breadwinner

Pension insurance


The MSAH is responsible for preparing pension legislation. Pension security comprises work pensions, the national pension and guarantee pension.

Earnings-related pension

Pension accrued from wages or self-employed earnings. Pension accrues also for unpaid periods of earnings-related social security benefits, periods of home care of one’s own children under the age of three, and studies leading to a degree.

National pension

Minimum pension security for those who have not accrued an earnings-related pension, or if it is small.

Guarantee pension

Pension benefit guaranteeing everyone a minimum pension larger than the national pension.

Earnings-related pension and national pension benefits include the old age pension, work disability pension, rehabilitation benefits and family pension. The earnings-related pension includes also part-time pension, partial oldage pension and years-of-service pension. New part-time pensions have not been granted as of the beginning of 2017.

Old age pension

A pension benefit enabling one to retire from work partially or fully.

Work disability pension

Makes up for loss of earnings as a result of long-term work disability.

Rehabilitation benefits during rehabilitation

A person who is temporarily incapable of work and whose handicap or illness is expected to improve through rehabilitation is granted rehabilitation benefits during the rehabilitation period. 

Family pension

Paid to widows/widowers and children.

Reinforcing one's pension security

Statutory compulsory pension cover can be supplemented by additional pension cover arranged thorough employers or by oneself.

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