The Finnish pension system is an important element in providing income security

  • in old age
  • the event of work incapacity
  • in the event of the death of a breadwinner

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The MSAH is responsible for preparing pension legislation. According to the MSAH's current strategy and the government programme

  • lifetime working careers will be three years longer by 2020
  • the pension system will be reformed so that it is better suited to prolonged
  • life expectancy, the harmonization of work and family life, changing working
  • conditions, and the requirements of cross-border migration
  • the sustainability, funding and sufficiency of pension security of the
  • occupational pension system will be safeguarded
  • the pension, rehabilitation and unemployment benefit system must be developed as a whole
  • reforms of occupation pension legislation will be prepared together with social partners
  • the numbers of people on work disability pensions will be reduced
    partial-disability pension will be promoted

Pension security comprises work pensions, the national pension and guarantee pension.

Earnings-related pension

Pension accrued from wages or self-employed earnings.

National pension

Minimum pension security for those who have not accrued an earnings-related pension, or if it is small.

Guarantee pension

Pension benefit guaranteeing everyone a minimum pension larger than the national pension.

Earnings-related pension and national pension benefits include the old age pension, work disability pension and family pension. The earnings-related pension includes the partial pension.

Old age pension

A pension benefit enabling one to retire from work partially or fully.

Work disability pension

Makes up for loss of earnings as a result of long-term work disability.

Family pension

Paid to widows/widowers and children.

Reinforcing one's pension security

Statutory compulsory pension cover can be supplemented by additional pension cover arranged thorough employers or by oneself.