Supervising OSH

The Regional State Administrative Agencies oversee compliance with workplace OSH within their OSH Divisions.

The MSAH and the four-year framework agreements concerning these OSH Divisions define the aims of OHS supervision.

Workplace OSH enforcement

The supervision of OSH is based on the

OSH Divisions cover 300 000 workplaces and perform 20 000 OSH inspections each year.

Improving OSH impact

The effectiveness of OSH is being improved through supervision of OSH targets at-risk professions and workplaces, by selecting the right supervisory methods and making such supervision and enforcement as productive as possible.

Tackling the ‘grey economy'

OSH enforcement also involves tackling the ‘grey economy' through ensuring compliance with OSH rules. Enforcement ensures that employers only use employees who are entitled to work in Finland, that employment contracts are in line with legislation and that subcontractors and labour brokers are used by firms that abide by the rules.

Other Finnish OSH organisations

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