Boards and committees

There are several advisory committees and boards working under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Social and health services

Promotion of welfare and health

Children and young people

Older people

  • Advisory Board on Veterans' Affairs in Finland
  • Advisory Board for Ageing and Pensioners' Affairs

Gender equality

  • Council for Gender Equality
  • Gender Equality Board

Occupational Safety and Health

  • Advisory Committee on Occupational Chemical Safety
  • Board for Blasters Training
  • Board for Ratification of the Validity of Collective Agreements
  • Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health
  • Advisory Committee on Preparation of Occupational Safety Regulations

Insurance and income security

  • Advisory Committee for Considering Insurance Matters
  • Traffic Accident Board
  • Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board
  • Group of Experts of the Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board
  • Patient Injuries Board
  • Health Insurance Advisory Board
  • Social Security Appeal Board
  • Occupational Accidents Compensation Board
  • Occupational Accidents Appeal Board
  • Employee Pensions Appeal Board
  • Unemployment Appeal Board
  • Insurance Mediation Board
  • Actuaries' Examination Board
  • Environmental Insurance Board