Primary health care

Primary health care is organized by municipalities and is mainly provided by some 160 local health centres. Primary health services include:

Consultations with a doctor for people who have become ill and for the treatment of chronic illnesses - patients may be referred to specialists or for further examination

  • Health centres often have a ward for patients requiring nursing care
  • Health counselling, including health education, contraception advice, maternity and child welfare and medical examinations
  • Screening and vaccinations
  • Oral health services
  • School and student health care
  • Mental health services
  • Emergency treatment, emergency cases also handled by hospitals
  • Home care services

The MSAH is responsible for developing legislation covering primary health care.

Municipalities may organise primary health care services alone or in collaboration with other municipalities, or they may procure them from private providers. People may also use service vouchers to procure services from the source they prefer.

The law on client fees regulates fees for health care services provided by health centres.

Other agencies

Agencies that, among other things, deal with the development of primary health care services, their administration and supervision include: