Working for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

All employment relationships in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health are public-service employment relationships. Public-service employment relationships always adhere to the Public Servants Act and general government public-service and employment conditions.

More than 80 percent of personnel at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health have a permanent employment relationship. Employees also tend to stay in the ministry for years.

We support your development

We draft an induction plan for each new employee and organise induction training at the ministry.

We support the development and training of personnel according to their job requirements. We use a personal development plan and various competence reviews.

Based on our employee surveys, our personnel appreciates these opportunities to develop one’s skills.

Flexible working hours

Working hours at the ministry are 7 hours and 21 minutes per day. We use a flexitime system, shared by all ministries (weekly working hours: 36 hours, 45 minutes). We take life changes into account with various adjustments to working hours. Our personnel can make use of e.g. part-time maternity or paternity leave, study leave and part-time retirement. In addition, our personnel can work from home depending on the tasks and in accordance with the guidelines for remote work.

State personnel holiday benefits are better than average in the labour market. The length of one’s annual leave depends on years of service.

Your salary depends on your job grade and performance

At the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, your salary depends on your job grade and individual performance. Jobs are classified into 11 job grades at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The job grade and related salary in euros are mentioned in the job advertisement.

In addition, we pay wage elements based on individual performance. The additional wage element can be up to 50 percent of the basic salary.

We review individual performance six months after the commencement of the employment relationship and annually in development discussions with one’s supervisor.

We care about your wellbeing

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health supports the wellbeing of its personnel in many ways. Our personnel has high-quality occupational health services at its disposal. We take a preventive approach to occupational health care through work station ergonomics, for example.

We support sports hobbies and experiences through sports and culture vouchers. There are gyms in ministry premises at the personnel’s disposal.

Our personnel in Helsinki and Tampere can buy lunch with a discount in the staff cafeterias.

A flexible employer, possibility to reconcile work and family time, good training and development opportunities.
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