Municipalities are responsible for promoting health and wellbeing

They set out objectives and measures for promoting health and wellbeing in their strategic planning (section 6 of the Act On Organising Healthcare and Social Welfare Services 612/2021). In connection with decision-making, they also carry out an ex-ante assessment of the impact of their decisions on people’s health and wellbeing.

The promotion of health and wellbeing is based on information about the health and wellbeing of municipal residents. For this reason, municipalities must monitor the living conditions, health and wellbeing of residents and the factors affecting these by population group. An annual report on these is submitted to the municipal council. Municipalities draw up a wellbeing account and plan once during each council term, and they also submit them to wellbeing services counties.

Cooperation between municipalities and wellbeing services counties is emphasised in the promotion of health and wellbeing. Municipalities also cooperate with other public entities, private companies and non-profit organisations operating in the area. Organisations are important partners, and municipalities must promote the operating conditions for organisations and their opportunities to exert influence.

At least once during every council term, each wellbeing services county and the municipalities in its area discuss the cooperation, objectives and division of labour related to the performance of their duties. Negotiations on the promotion of health and wellbeing are held annually.

The activities and services of municipalities are funded primarily through local income tax. A supplementary central government transfer to local government for the promotion of health and wellbeing will be introduced in early 2023. The supplementary transfer is an incentive for ensuring that municipalities work actively to promote the health and wellbeing of their residents.

Further information

Eveliina Pöyhönen, Director General 
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