Organisations and associations as part of the healthcare and social welfare system

There are more than 11,000 healthcare and social welfare organisations in Finland (2020). There are also a large number of organisations in the fields of sports, culture and rescue services. 

The activities of these organisations supplement public services. The support provided by organisations can be part of the service chain or package, for example. Some of the organisations are also providers of market-driven services.

Wellbeing services counties and municipalities cooperate and ensure favourable operating conditions for organisations in their areas. Organisations reach a large group of people, and their activities help to promote and strengthen the health, wellbeing and safety of residents. 

Local and regional organisations are often significant employers and contributors in society, and they organise many hobbies and recreational activities that promote wellbeing.

In addition to expertise in their own field, organisations play an important role in strengthening inclusion. They can support wellbeing services counties in hearing residents’ views, for example. 

Wellbeing services counties make use of the competence of organisations in developing and making decisions on services. Peer support networks and the family members of healthcare and social welfare clients also play an important role in the development work.

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