Equality in working life

Issues concerning equality in working life are at the core of Finnish equality policy. Equality in working life is promoted particularly in pay, working conditions, terms of employment, and career development. The Act on Equality Between Men and Women prohibits discrimination based on gender and requires the promotion of gender equality. The law also applies to sexual minorities.

Reducing the pay gap

On average women in Finland are paid 83.1% of what men earn.

About half of the pay gap is because men and women work in different fields and with different tasks. But women earn roughly 10% less than men even though they have the same training, are in the same sector, have the same tasks and belong to the same age group.

Government and social partners are committed to furthering pay equality. The Same Pay Programme aims to cut te pay gap by 15% by 2015.

Beyond men's work and women's work

The labour market continues to be divided into sectors and professions for men and women. Training is also divided by gender.

The aim of Finland's equality policy is to reduce his division. This can be done when people make career choices and be based on educational gender equality plans.

The aim is also to increase the proportion of women decision-makers in business life and top government positions.

Equality is a fundamental right

Other forms of discrimination are also prohibited by law.

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