Equality in working life

Equality in working life must be promoted particularly in pay, working conditions, terms of employment, recruitment, career development, and reconciliation of work and family life. 




Equal pay

Equal pay is a fundamental and human right. Under the Gender Equality Act, people performing the same work or work of equal value must receive the same pay, irrespective of gender. The work of equal value refers to jobs that are different but equally demanding.

Gender pay gaps can be reduced, for example, through statutory gender equality plans and pay surveys, contract and pay policies and the dismantling of gender segregation in working life.

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How to deal with cases of discrimination at work?

The Ombudsman for Equality supervises compliance with the Gender Equality Act and provides guidance and advice in situations where people suspect that they have been subject to discrimination in working life on the basis of gender, gender identity or gender expression.

Discrimination at work on other than gender-related grounds, such as age or origin, is prohibited under the Non-Discrimination Act. The occupational safety and health divisions and the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman are responsible for supervising discrimination on these grounds and providing advice to those who suspect discrimination. 

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