Communications Unit of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

The Communications Unit is in charge of the internal and external information and communications of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the related work with stakeholders.

The Ministry's communications activities support the objectives laid down by the Ministry's strategy and the Government Programme.

The Communications Unit supports open and equitable sharing of information in order to implement the principle of public access in the Ministry's activities. The aim is to inform about matters proactively, systematically, clearly, inclusively and effectively.

Communications Unit

  • supports management by information, strategic guidance and the work with stakeholders
  • gives an overview of the objectives, policies and activities of the Ministry
  • supports the Ministry's departments and units in their communications activities and influencing
  • develops the communications activities of the Ministry's administrative branch as a whole
  • guides the Ministry's online communications and publication activities.

Media service

Media service e-mail is viestinta.stm[at]

Personnel and duties

  • The unit is led by Director of Communications Unit Vivikka Richt, tel. +358 295 163 396
  • Sari Siniketo, Communications Secretary, tel. +358 295 163144

Iina Bister, Communications Specialist, tel. +358 295 163 015

  • promotion of wellbeing and health, pharmaceutical issues, preparedness, alcohol, tobacco and drug policy, preventing communicable diseases and violence, crisis communications

Mariina Cervera Linan, Coordinator, tel. +358 295 163 249

  • web services            

Katja Keckman, Head of Communications, tel. +358 295 163 325

  • development of communications

Anne Koskela, Communications Specialist, tel. +358 295 163 207

  • social and health services, coordination of web communications

Sara Lallukka, Communications Secretary, tel. +358 295 163 067

Tuulia Nieminen, Communications Specialist, tel. +358 295 163635

  • communities and functional capacity, international affairs

Jani Osolanus, Communications coordinator, p. +358 295 163 640 

  • visual design, image bank

Nina Palin, Communications Coordinator, tel. +358 295 163 141

  • working life, occupational safety, gender equality, internal communication, coordination of publications

Annette Rinne, Head of Communications, tel. +358 295 163 316

  • social welfare and health care reform

Mona Siltanen, Communications Specialist, tel. +358  295 163 664

  • insurance and social Security

Anna Työrinoja, Communications Specialist, tel. +358 295 163 615

  • social security reform

Kimmo Vainikainen, Communications Specialist, tel. +358 295 163 423

  • web communications, video production