Ministry personnel statistics

We are satisfied with our work

Based on our employee satisfaction survey, the personnel of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is particularly satisfied with the content and challenges of their jobs as well as the atmosphere at work and cooperation.

In addition, our personnel regards the ministry as a secure employer. Personal development opportunities are also appreciated. Almost 90 percent of public servants in the ministry indeed participate in our personnel training.

High level of education

The level of education in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is high, as required by ministry tasks. Almost the entire personnel has at least a vocational degree. Two thirds have a Master’s degree. The most common fields of studies include law, social sciences and humanities. Other typical degrees include a Master of Science in Technology and medical degrees.

Employees in assistive functions typically have a diploma in business administration, a Bachelor’s degree in business administration or a HSO (BBA) degree.

Our age range is broad

At the moment, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health employs approximately 480 people. Almost 80 percent of our personnel are women. Approximately 16  percent of our personnel have a fixed-term employment relationship without a post in the ministry or elsewhere. The average age of our personnel is 48 years.

Due to the ongoing generational change, our age range is broad. Therefore, there will be a number of vacancies on various levels in the future. The average age of our management is higher than that of other personnel. Therefore, there will be significant turnover in our management in the near future.

We take care of your wellbeing

The ministry supports occupational wellbeing in many ways. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health spends a fair amount of money on occupational health services and the promotion of exercise and keeping fit to work.

We support coping at work and the reconciliation of work and family life through part-time work. Our number of part-time employees is higher than on average among ministries. Many of them are in part-time retirement.

The average retirement age at the ministry is rather high at approximately 65 years.

They care about personnel. You get support, if you have difficulties in your private life, for example.
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