Project: Promoting gender equality in pensions

Promoting gender equality in pensions is a project that aims to generate discussion about differences between pensions paid to men and women. Another aim is to improve people’s and decision-makers’ awareness of the reasons behind the pension gap.

The project will compile and distribute information to decision-makers and strive to bring the gender perspective into public discussion and decision-making.

The project also highlights the impacts of family leave on people’s future pensions due to interruptions in their working careers.

The project will create a calculator for people who are planning to use family leave. With the help of the calculator, they can assess what impacts family leave of different lengths would have on their future pensions. In addition, people approaching retirement age are encouraged to consider their choices concerning the timing of retirement, particularly from the viewpoint of their pension level.

The project is led by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in cooperation with the Finnish Centre for Pensions, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) and the Finnish Pension Alliance TELA.

The project has received funding from the EU’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014–2020).

The project organised an open online seminar for the Finnish audience on the 28 October 2020. 





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