Value of lost labour input in Finland

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has estimated the minimum costs of lost labour input to the Finnish workplaces and society.  

The costs of lost labour input rise to about 2 billion euros every month.

The cost of lost labour input per year

The cost of lost labour input

Absence due to illness 3.4 billion €
Working while ill 3.4 billion €
Disability pensions   8.0 billion €

Other costs related to the loss of labour input

Occupational accidents 2–2.5 billion €
Occupational diseases 0.1 billion €
Health care of working-age population 7.8 billion €

Total loss to national economy per year 24 billion €                        
Loss to national economy per month 2 billion €

When the losses to employers are known, the workplaces can, better than today, concentrate on both identifying the causes of costs and on decreasing the costs.

Accurate calculations of the costs

The Ministry used an employee's pay including non-wage labour costs as basis when calculating the lost labour input. The calculation methods are described in more detail in the memorandum below.

Further information

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