National Mental Health Strategy

The National Mental Health Strategy and Suicide Prevention Agenda 2020–2030 are based on long-term preparations and broad-based collaboration. The starting point is the comprehensive approach of mental health in society and its different sectors and levels.

Mental health is seen as a resource that can be supported. It is possible to effectively prevent and manage mental disorders and reduce discrimination and stigmatisation associated with mental disorders. 

The strategy has five priority areas:

  1. Mental health as human capital
  2. Developing positive mental health in the daily lives of children and young people
  3. Mental health rights
  4. Broad-based services that meet people’s needs
  5. Good mental health management


In 2020–22, implementation will focus on developing services, launching a suicide prevention program and increasing mental health skills in people’s everyday environments as part of a wider promotion of well-being and health.

Further information

Helena Vorma, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Medical Affairs 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Department for Clients and Services in Healthcare and Social Welfare / APO, Service System Unit / PAL 0295163388  

Soile Ridanpää, Senior Specialist 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Department for Communities and Functional Capacity / YTO, Functional Capacity Unit / TOK 0295163506