Maintenance of the social media sites of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health uses social media to disseminate information. On our social media sites, we publish press releases, news and information on events and matters under preparation.

It is not possible to initiate official matters through social media. To officially initiate a matter, please contact the Ministry's Registry.

The Ministry's social media sites are maintained by the Communications Unit. When necessary, we moderate discussions and delete any illegal or inappropriate comments.
We do not comment on individual cases on social media or provide advice for different life situations.
Our ministers are responsible for maintaining their own social media accounts.

Please observe our social media rules

  • We respect other people's opinions and value constructive discussion.
  • We do not use offensive expressions or swear words.
  • We protect everyone’s privacy and do not discuss anyone's private matters in public.

When necessary, we will remove messages that are racist or otherwise offensive to individuals, communities, religions or races or contain links to illegal or inappropriate material. If you repeatedly violate these rules, we may ban you from commenting.

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