Preventing violence and crime

Reducing violence in Finnish society is a national objective. The aim is to locate an effective national working model for violence prevention that comprises measures undertaken by several administrative sectors.


  • coordinates intimate partner and family violence prevention nationally
  • directs and oversees conciliation in matters concerning crime and disputes
  • is involved in preventing human trafficking and victim assistance

Strategic emphases and aims

The MSAH strategy for social and health policy and the government programme stress

  • improving combatting violence and developing victim support services
  • promoting the use of conciliation as a means of conflict solution in various matters concerning crimes and disputes
  • improve identification of violence directed at vulnerable groups, such as older people, immigrants, children or people with disabilities
  • improving the effectiveness of combatting violence and cross-border crime
  • strengthening prevention of crimes violating personal autonomy
  • reducing violent crime and violence among youth

The National Development Programme for Social Welfare and Health Care (Kaste) also supports measures to prevent violence and crime.

Kaste-programme for Social Welfare and Health Care