Promoting participationOsallisuuden edistäminen - kuvituskuva

Participation entails involvement, influence as well as care and sharing in society's commonly constructed welfare.

Finnish social and health policy helps bolster the participation and quality of life of children and adults of all ages, men and women, as well as language, cultural and other minorities or special groups in the population. These issues play a central role in solutions concerning work, housing, education, physical exercise and the environment.

The MSAH is responsible for ensuring that people have an adequate income and access to functional basic services.

The MSAH's duties in strengthening participation involve:

  • preventing poverty and social exclusion
  • housing support through services and housing benefit
  • disability policy issues
  • Roma policy issues
  • the welfare and health of immigrants and other special population groups
  • strengthening social welfare
  • last-resort income security

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