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Neurocenter Finland accelerates collaboration in neuroscience
Neurocenter Finland maintains comprehensive and up-to-date information on research projects, infrastructures, methods, materials and innovations in the field of neuroscience in Finland. 

It works to promote cross-boundary partnerships between academic, private and third sector actors. Its objective is to establish a network that supports the emergence of new proposals for collaborative research, innovation and business activities — with the aim of promoting brain health.

Preparations for launching Neurocenter Finland

The preparations for launching Neurocenter Finland began in November 2017 as part of the Health Sector Growth Strategy for Research and Innovation Activities. The University of Eastern Finland was in charge of coordinating the preparation phase and building a cooperation network. The University convened a working group to plan the establishment, operating model and activities of Neurocenter Finland.  

In 2018, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Ministry of Education and Culture supported the related pilot project with EUR 1.8 million. The funding was allocated to research and development pilot projects supporting the main project’s objectives. The pilot projects were carried out jointly by universities and university hospitals. The pilot projects combined basic research and experimental clinical research, equipment development and pharmacotherapy for the treatment of brain diseases. In 2022, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health allocated EUR 800,000 in discretionary government grants for the purpose of preparing the establishment of Neurocenter Finland.

Neurocenter Finland was established in 2020

Neurocenter Finland was established officially in 2020. It is a cooperation network of seven universities and five hospital districts, and the principles guiding its operation are decided by Neurocenter Finland’s steering group, which consists of representatives of the owner organisations. 


Eero Rissanen, Director of Neurocenter Finland, University of Eastern Finland, tel.  +358 50 4335 008, email: [email protected]

Further information

Saara Leppinen, Director 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Strategic and Financial Management Unit / STAR, Evaluation Group / ARVI Telephone:0295163630   Email Address: