Housing allowance


KerrostaloHouseholds on small incomes can receive housing allowance.

The MSAH is responsible for the general planning, guidance and oversight of legislation on housing assistance. The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the housing support component in financial aid to students.

The MSAH strategy for social and health policy and the Government Programme have the common aim of reforming the general housing allowance, in part by adjusting the income levels for eligibility, lowering the level of personal liability and by increasing the permitted maximum level of housing expenditure. The general housing allowance scheme was reformed at the beginning of 2015. The grounds for granting housing allowance are laid down by law.

Students have been covered by the general housing allowance scheme since 1 August 2017.

Support for housing expenses

Housing assistance can be granted for various types of housing in which beneficiaries live on a permanent basis. Forms of assistance include general assistance, assistance for people on pensions, student housing assistance, and housing assistance for conscripts and those on alternative service.

Who is eligible?

General housing assistance is allocated per household, meaning for those living in the same house or apartment. It is provided for

  • families with children
  • married couples
  • common law partnerships
  • people living alone
  • people living communally.

Registered partnership between persons of the same sex is comparable to marriage. The same applies to same-sex cohabitation partnership.

Housing allowance is also provided for retired people on pensions, students and conscripts.