Statistics on insurance

The Social Insurance Institution's statistical database is called Kelasto. Kelasto can be used to produce custom reports of Social Insurance Institution statistics.

The Social Insurance Institution's Statistical Yearbook is a summary of the social security activities under its administration. Apart from statistics, the Yearbook presents the benefit schemes administered by the Social Insurance Institution, their content, and eligibility requirements. The Yearbook also contains a report of the amendments in law during the course of the year that concern benefits.

The website of the Finnish Centre for Pensions contains key statistics relating to pension security, including those on pensioners, pension expenditure and retirement.

The Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) publishes various statistics relating to securities and credit markets, as well as the insurance business. Depending on the individual statistics, the data is updated monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

This directory also includes key annual financial statement figures for deposit banks, credit corporations, investment firms and fund management companies.

Statistics describing financing and insurance activity, including those on the structure of the financial market, supply and demand of financial instruments, and interest rates, are produced under this topic. The scope also extends to key data on the activities and financial statements of units operating on the financing and insurance markets.

The Finnish Patient Insurance Centre contains information on patient injury notices and compensation.

Liikenneturva charts the traffic safety situation and its development in Finland by utilising road traffic accident statistics. Research, traffic safety activities and traffic planning are conducted based on the statistical information. Liikenneturva publishes an annual statistics book jointly with Statistics Finland. 

The statistics section contains graphs and tables providing an overview of loans granted from state funds, inheritances and exemption from payments.

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