Narcotics control

In Finland, substances that are harmful to health may be defined as drugs nationally.  The purpose of banning the use of such substances is to slow down and even block the spread of the substances to new user groups and, in particular, young people.

In Finland, the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea, the National Institute of Health and Welfare, the police and the Customs assess substances and make proposals on banning them to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The Ministry submits a proposal on controlling the substance to the Government, which will make a decision on the issue.

The production, manufacture, import to the territory of Finland, export from the territory of Finland, transport, transit through the territory of Finland, distribution, trade, handling, possession and use of substances defined as narcotic drugs is prohibited.

Government Decree on narcotic substances, preparations and plants 543/2008 (Finlex) (available only in Finnish/Swedish)

Authorisations to import, export, manufacture and handle narcotic drugs are granted by Fimea for medicinal, scientific and research purposes.