Strategy of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Group

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The creation of a cohesive society and sustainable well-being forms the vision that guides the activities of Finland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the agencies within the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Group.

The strategic impact targets are based on reflections on alternative future scenarios. At the start of 2021, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Group adopted a rolling strategy. This means that from now on the strategy will be reviewed regularly, taking into account possible changes in the operating environment.  

Our decision-making is based on information and comprehensive impact assessment. We ensure that social, economic and ecological sustainability are achieved in a balanced and mutually reinforcing manner.

When planning activities, we take into account the challenges and potential of the EU’s operating environment and the global operating environment. 

Responsibility and impact targets

In the strategic development of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the concepts of responsibility, sustainability and effectiveness are strongly mutually reinforcing. The Strategy of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Group is based on joint foresight work. As a ministry, we work to promote responsibility by creating favourable conditions for a sustainable and good life for present and future generations on a daily basis.

Our sustainability work involves promoting the economy of wellbeing, in particular. It is important that social, ecological and economic sustainability are taken into account in a balanced manner in all decision-making. It is also essential to examine overall sustainability from the perspective of each administrative branch in order to overcome silos. Sustainability thinking, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility should be strengthened as part of the everyday processes of official work and cross-administrative development.

We are committed to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda).

Impact targets

  1. We safeguard the wellbeing of the population in all situations
  2. We ensure effective services and benefits in a sustainable manner
  3. We prevent and reduce inequality between people
  4. We promote the realisation of gender equality and non-discrimination
  5. We improve the health and safety of living and working environments

The strategic impact targets are specified in the performance targets. The short-term targets (e.g. a government term) and the concrete measures are derived from the performance targets annually. This forms an impact chain, all the way from the impact targets to the concrete measures.

For the effectiveness of people’s own and joint work, it is important to understand how everyday work promotes the administrative branch’s long-term targets.


Our mission is to safeguard people’s functional capacity, livelihoods and services so that our society will be equal, stable and sustainable. We work towards this goal by means of law drafting, diversified guidance and direction, and intersectoral and international cooperation.

Means of influencing

The means of influencing used by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health are cooperation, guidance and direction, and legislative drafting.

  • Cooperation: We cooperate in a phenomenon-based and solution-oriented manner across administrative branches. Networks and stakeholders are our resource.
  • Guidance and direction: We strengthen the effectiveness of the activities and the joint social capital of the administrative branch through interactive guidance.
  • Legislative drafting: Our legislative work is enabling and anticipates changes in society. It provides the basis for people-oriented services, a sustainable everyday life and a society that functions in all situations and is safe.


The values of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Group are equity, courage and transparency.

  • Equity: We are committed to equality and equal opportunities between people and to ethical and responsible activities and decision-making that are based on our values. Our activities are guided by a genuine understanding of people’s diverse needs.
  • Courage: We are the engine of social reform. We prioritise our activities and are ready to make tough choices if necessary to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the activities. 
  • Transparency: We engage in networked cooperation that is based on trust and active dialogue. We voice our views earlier and more clearly than before, but we are ready to change them when we gain new perspectives from interacting with stakeholders.

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