Vera Inspection ICT System

The Finnish ICT application Vera is in use in the occupational safety and health administration.

In the Vera Inspection ICT System, the inspection report and other enforcement documents are compiled as structured documents.

Ready-to-use inspection agendas

In order to make it easier for inspectors to use Vera Inspection for compiling inspection reports, the system has ready-to-use inspection agendas. Inspection agendas can be edited for workplace inspections to adapt to the different branches of industry and types of inspection.

The conditions to be monitored during an occupational safety and health inspection are listed on the inspection agenda. The conditions listed are accompanied by a legal reference and a description of the target level required by law.

The inspector may edit the agenda to suit the inspection in question. For a single inspection, the inspector may add a condition to be inspected, a legal reference, a description of the target level and a deadline for the employer.

Vera improves the quality of inspection reports

In the system, information is stored and re-used in the next step or process. Tracking deadlines for inspections and inspection reports is easy.

The data is readily updated and it is structured and easy to re-use. Due to this, the productivity of work increases and the quality of inspection reports and follow-up data improves.

Vera is a part of Valtimo programme (2008-2014)

The Vera ICT system is the outcome of Valtimo programme, which had two steps:

Valtimo I (2008-2011): ICT tools for inspectors

  • Structured Inspection Report (structured data)
  • OSH enforcement operations model, process descriptions, knowledge management, etc.

Valtimo II (2009-2014):

  • Tools for OSH authorities at the annual planning of management
  • E-services for employers

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