Insurance-related appeals

A policy holder, who is unhappy with an insurance company's decision, should first take the matter up with a representative of their insurance company.

Policy holders may request a statement from one of the following insurance industry boards, if they are involved in a dispute with an insurance company or instance, or if there is any ambiguity in matters related to their insurance.

District courts resolve disputes

Disputes between insurance policy holders and insurance companies concerning claims and other matters related to insurance policies will be resolved by the local district court.

Parties can file an appeal on decisions by the district court to a court of appeal. Decisions by a court of appeal can be appealed in the Supreme Court, provided that the Supreme Court grants leave to appeal.

Appeals on social insurance

Filing an appeal on social insurance is a two-step process. The insured party must first file an appeal on a decision to the appeals board, and after the board has made its decision the insured party can then appeal this decision to the Insurance Court.

Appeals on decisions by the Finnish Centre for Pensions can be submitted to the Employee Pensions Appeal Board and in cases of accidents appeals can be submitted to the Accident Appeal Board.

Appeals on decisions concerning unemployment benefits can be filed with the Social Security Appeal Board.

Appeals on decisions by KELA on matters other than unemployment benefits and student subsidies shall be submitted to the Social Security Appeal Board.

The Insurance Court is the highest court instance in judicial matters concerning social insurance. Appeals to decisions by the Insurance Court can, in some cases regarding accidents, be made to the Supreme Court.