The Ministry as a workplace

In the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, your work has a significant impact on society and it affects the lives of everyone living in Finland.

You will participate in building a socially sustainable Finland, where everyone has access to welfare. We will support you in developing your expertise. We support the reconciliation of work and family life.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is a governmental organ. Our main tasks include drafting legislation, developing the sector and implementing the government programme. Our goal is to guarantee everyone equal opportunities to a healthy, safe life.

The personnel of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is highly qualified, competent and motivated. As an organisation, the ministry is proactive, well-managed and focused on its core tasks. Our activities are based on openness and collaboration.

Jobs at the ministry are versatile expert and assistive positions. The tasks require expertise in e.g. social and health policy, social and private insurance, occupational health and safety and equality issues. Many tasks include drafting of legislation. The ministry also needs competent employees for secretarial work, communications and administration.

Working at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is interesting and impactful. Good communication skills and taking initiatives are important in all jobs in the ministry. A great community of colleagues support you in your work. Based on personnel feedback, the working atmosphere at the ministry is fair and encouraging.

You get to influence things and see things from the inside of the ministry. You feel like you are ”where it’s at”.

Further information

Liisa Perttula, Senior Ministerial Adviser 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Human Resources and Administration Unit / HEHA Telephone:0295163521   Email Address: