Legislation on health and social services

In Finland, the state's responsibility to promote welfare, health and security is rooted in the Constitution. This enshrines the right of everyone to income and to care, if they are unable to manage adequately.

The wellbeing services counties, the City of Helsinki and the HUS Group, which is the joint authority for Helsinki and Uusimaa, are responsible for organising public health and social services.

The law on social welfare stipulates the services that wellbeing services counties must organise.

The law on the status and rights of social care clients includes issues of data security.

Special legislation covers

  • child welfare
  • the treatment of substance abusers
  • the special care of people with intellectual disabilities
  • disability services
  • informal care support
  • family care
  • rehabilitation
  • older people.

Law on health care cover health services.

There are separate laws on occupational health care, the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, and the status and rights of patients.

Legislation also covers the professional standards of social and health care personnel.