Responsible agencies

Gender equality issues in Finland come under the auspices of the MSAH. There are four authorities based at the MSAH that promote gender equality.

Equality Unit

The Equality Unit  is responsible for  policy preparation and coordination at the MSAH.

The Ombudsman for Equality

An independent authority that monitors and oversees compliance with legislation concerning gender equality.

Equality Board

An independent committee that oversees compliance with gender equality legislation and resolves matters related to it.

The Council for Gender Equality

The board is a parliamentary body that works to promote gender equality in societal matters.

Parliament has a sub-committee that deals with issues of equality in working life and in gender relations.

The EU Ombudsman and the European Court of Justice issue judicial rulings on matters including gender equality issues.

Finland has a Non-Discrimation Ombudsman who operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, and who oversees the equal treatment of people outside working life.

Occupational safety and health authorities supervise compliance with equality legislation in the working place.

Employers and institutions of higher education are obliged under the Equality Act to draw up equality plans for promoting gender equality.

More information on gender equality

The Gender Equality website offers updated, research-based information on gender equality.

Non-governmental organizations involved in equality work: