Income security

A central feature of welfare and social security is to provide support to people in vulnerable situations.

  • Legislation »

    Legislation concerning income security.

  • Financial assistance for families with children »

    There are various forms of financial support and child care arrangements available for families.

  • Conscripts allowance and other armed service benefits »

    Conscripts or people performing alternative service and their spouses may receive a means-tested conscripts' allowance.

  • Housing allowance »

    Households on small incomes can receive housing allowance. Housing assistance can be granted for various types of housing in which beneficiaries live on a permanent basis.

  • Unemployment »

    Job seekers have basic income security to cover periods of unemployment and to assist with seeking work in the form of unemployment allowance, which is paid as a flat rate daily allowance or an earnings related allowance.

  • Sickness and rehabilitation »

    All people living in Finland are included within the scope of sickness insurance.

  • Occupational accidents and illnesses »

    Accident insurance compensates for medical expenses and loss of income resulting from occupational accidents and occupational illnesses.

  • Pensions »

    The Finnish pension system is an important element in providing income security in old age, the event of work incapacity and in the event of the death of a breadwinner. Pension security comprises work pensions, the national pension and guarantee pension.

  • Front veterans »

    Women and men who served in Finnish wars are entitles as war veterans to certain special state benefits. Veterans' benefits are intended to support living at home and facilitate procuring services for home use.

  • Social security for athletes, grant recipients and students »

    Social security and pensions is provided under special arrangement in the case of certain professional groups.

  • Social assistance »

    Social assistance is a last-resort form of income security. It is usually granted for a month at a time, and it is based on the client's essential expenses.

  • Social lending »

    Social loans are granted to people who, due to their small income and scant financial means, are unable to get reasonable terms of credit elsewhere, but who are nevertheless able to repay loans.

  • International social security »

    People permanently resident in Finland can live abroad, usually for up to a year, and remain within the scope of the Finnish social security system.

  • Appealing income security decisions »

    Income security-related decisions are always given in writing. The MSAH does not handle appeals, objections or complaints. Decisions explain how and where to appeal.