Social and health services

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health sets the guidelines for developing health and social services, drafts the relevant legislation and guides the implementation of reforms.

  • Legislation »

    Legislation on social and health services.

  • Responsible agencies »

    Public social welfare and health care services form the basis of the social welfare and health care system. Private companies also provide services alongside the public sector.

  • Wellbeing services counties »

    Wellbeing services counties are responsible for organising health, social and rescue services. There are 21 wellbeing services counties in Finland.

  • Social services »

    One of the duties of the public sector is to take care of the health and wellbeing of the population. This is done in part by arranging social and health services.

  • Health services »

    The aim of health care in Finland is to maintain and improve people's health, wellbeing, work and functional capacity and social security, as well as to reduce health inequalities.

  • Rehabilitation »

    Rehabilitation is designed to further the functional capacity, independent coping, wellbeing, possibilities for participation and employment of people dealing with ill health, disability or incapacity.

  • Pharmacotherapy and pharmaceutical service »

    The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is responsible for the development of pharmaceutical services and for the drafting of legislation on pharmaceuticals.

  • Client fees »

    Fees paid by social and health service clients account for about 9% of the funding of social and health services. The government implements policy on social and health client fees in line with legislation.

  • Client and patient rights »

    Medical patients and clients of social services have the right to appropriate and high-quality service from social and health care services. The laws define the legal principles under which patients and clients of social welfare services must be treated.

  • Social and health care personnel »

    The MSAH administers the work of social and health care staff nationally and is responsible for developing the sector's human resources.

  • Information management in healthcare and social welfare »

    Electronic information management provides up-to-date information and modern tools for citizens and professionals as well as offering support for management in tasks related to assessment and decision-making.

  • Children, youth and families »

    The MSAH is responsible for family policy as well as maintaining and developing the welfare of children, youth and families jointly with other ministries.

  • Older people services »

    Social welfare for older people is made up of social and health services, and income security. The MSAH is responsible for the running of services for older people.

  • Social security and services of asylum seekers in Finland »

    People applying for asylum in Finland have the right to get reception services which safeguard their necessary financial support and care. This right to get services continues through the processing of the asylum application.