Legislation safeguards the services and benefits

Municipal social and health care services are prescribed by legislation covering social welfare, primary health care, specialized medical (hospital) care and informal care support. These laws do not entitle people to services on the basis of age but according to need.

The Social Welfare Act secures the access of people aged 75 and older to a social services needs assessment within seven days of contacting their municipality. The time frames guaranteed access to health services are set down in the Primary Health Care Act and the Act on Specialized Medical Care.

The fees for municipal social and health services are prescribed by the law and decree on client fees.

Oversight of municipal social and health care is prescribed by the laws on social welfare, primary health care, specialized medical care, the law on state provincial offices and the law on the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health.

The work of private service providers is also prescribed by the law on private social services.

Rehabilitation for disabled veterans, the paid allowance and social and health services and the compensation for these to municipalities are prescribed by a number of laws. These include the law on front-veterans' pensions and the law on the payment of the front-veterans' allowance abroad.

The national pension housing allowance for pension recipients and care allowance for pensioners are prescribed by the National Pensions Act.

Reimbursement for pharmaceuticals and private nursing are prescribed by the Health Insurance Act.

Employee pensions are prescribed by pension legislation concerning different occupations.

Further information

Further information

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