Electronic services support the pharmacotherapy

Medication list as a tool for healthcare professionals

A national up-to-date medication list is under preparation. Its benefits will be based on a procedure where all essential structural medication data will be updated to a single location accessible to all actors involved in the pharmacotherapy. The medication list will appear in the same way to all parties involved (except prohibited information, which will be available to the prescriber of the medicinal product alone). Each party will update the information by making entries concerning the pharmacotherapy. The user of the medicinal product can see electronic prescriptions and delivery data via his or her own My Kanta Pages.

The medication list will not require separate maintenance. It will be automatically updated whenever structural medication data is saved in national information system services, regardless of the organisation in which the data was originally produced. In future, pharmacies will also be able to check the whole medication of the person as the use of the medication list progresses gradually.

The structural data content of the medication list will strengthen the utilisation of data from pharmacotherapy, for example in national guidance and in the contents of quality registers.

New technologies and electronic support for decision-making

Various electronic tools have been developed for clinical decision-making. They combine electronic patient record data describing the patient’s condition with medical data and produce patient-specific instructions for the user of the data. Systems supporting decision-making are needed at different work stages, such as prescription and delivery of medicines as well as implementation and monitoring of pharmacotherapy.

The introduction of new technologies can increase the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy and reduce the total costs. By utilising the opportunities offered by drug administration robotics, pharmacotherapy can be made more effective and safer. Robotics help to make medicine-related logistics faster, more automated and more cost-effective. With the help of artificial intelligence, manufacturers of medicines can obtain proactive information on changes in demand for medicines, for example.

Electronic services to support self-care

​Electronic solutions aim to ensure equal access to services. Services that improve people’s independent management of their affairs and management of information include, among other things, My Kanta Pages and the prescription list that can be viewed there as well as various wellbeing applications and digital services that support pharmacotherapy, such as Omaolo.fi, Virtual Hospital and online pharmacy services.

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