National health and wellbeing programme

The national health and wellbeing programme seeks to reduce the wellbeing deficit and disease burden caused by the principal chronic diseases and conditions and their risk factors, to boost working and functional capacity, and to minimise disparities between population groups due to issues of health and wellbeing. The long-term objective of the programme is to reduce the need for health and social services.

Programme implementation to start in autumn 2024

A programme implementation plan will be published in autumn 2024 prior to the start of implementation. This will include a plan for monitoring and evaluating the impacts of measures to be financed. An interdepartmental steering group will be responsible for preparing the implementation plan and managing implementation.

The programme implementation measures will be chosen on the basis of a proposal from a scientific specialist group, prepared independently on the basis of scientific expertise.

The specialist group proposal may be viewed here:

Programme to be implemented jointly

The national health and wellbeing programme is inviting cooperation from everyone interested in promoting health and wellbeing. This cooperation will provide a channel for influencing and participating in measures.

The programme will also seek to work with operators outside the healthcare and social welfare services sector. Partners will include organisations, municipalities, wellbeing services counties, businesses, religious communities, and research and specialist institutions.

The wellbeing for all 2023 collaboration platform will provide opportunities to participate in programme work. Visit the following link to request login credentials for this platform:

Platform login and participation provides:

  • An opportunity to assist in the national preparation and implementation of the programme
  • Details of current programme issues
  • Access to a network and ideas from the work of other operators
  • The ability to highlight your own work and discuss current concerns in promoting wellbeing, health and safety

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health will arrange various opportunities to influence and participate in the work as implementation proceeds. Modes of collaboration will include webinars, public hearings, workshops and access to electronic platforms.

The national health and wellbeing programme is one aspect of implementing the Government Programme of Prime Minister Petteri Orpo. The programme is linked to the Get Finland Moving programme and the national service reform. A non-recurrent appropriation of EUR 9 million has been set aside for implementing the programme over the duration of the government term. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is responsible for preparing the programme. An interdepartmental steering group will guide implementation of the programme, and its progress will be monitored by the Ministerial working group on sustainable welfare society.

The programme period will end in March 2027.

For further background:

Further information

Heli Hätönen, Ministerial Adviser 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Department for Communities and Functional Capacity / YTO, Functional Capacity Unit / TOK Telephone:0295163326   Email Address:

Tuulia Rotko, General Secretary 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Department for Communities and Functional Capacity / YTO Telephone:0295163285   Email Address: