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International Labour Organization ILO

ILO, the International Labour Organization, sets labour standards through conventions and recommendations, and monitors and supports its member states in their application. 

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health prepares matters pertaining to ILO Conventions and recommendations within the Ministry’s purview.

The tripartite structure of the ILO means that workers, employers and governments all participate equally in the organisation’s work.

The strategic objectives of the ILO are: 

  • to set and promote standards and fundamental principles and rights at work
  • to create greater opportunities for decent employment and income
  • to enhance the coverage and effectiveness of social protection for all
  • to strengthen tripartism and social dialogue.

The International Labour Conference is the highest decision-making body of the ILO.

Finland’s work in the ILO is coordinated by the ILO Advisory Board and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

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