Conscripts allowance and other armed service benefits

VarusmiehiäConscripts or people performing alternative service and their spouses may receive a means-tested conscripts' allowance.

The general requirement for this is that the service being performed has weakened the applicants' earning possibilities and that they require assistance.

The allowance is provided by Kela.

The MSAH is responsible for preparing legislation on the conscripts' allowance.

Conscripts' allowance can cover:

  • basic assistance for conscripts' spouse and children
  • maintenance for conscripts' children
  • housing assistance
  • special assistance
  • interest on student loans

Who is eligible?

In addition to conscripts and those on alternative service, the allowance is paid to reserves called-up for refresher training, women who are military service volunteers.

Families covered by the allowance include conscripts' spouses, children and children of spouses.

Accidents during military service

The state provides compensation for accidents and occupational illnesses. According to the Military Accident Act, insurance covers reserves on military service, women volunteers, those on alternative service and reserves called-up for refresher training.

The State Treasury is responsible for compensation payments.

Appealing decisions

The Social Security Appeals Board handles appeals on decisions concerning conscripts' assistance.