Conscripts allowance and other armed service benefits


The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is responsible for developing and preparing the legislation concerning conscripts allowance.

Conscripts and civilian servicemen as well as their family members may receive means-tested conscripts’ benefit during their service time. A general condition for receiving the benefit is that being in the service has reduced the applicant's possibility of earning a living and therefore he or she needs the benefit.

The benefit can be applied for at Kela.

Conscript’s allowance for civilian costs

Conscripts’ allowance can be paid during the conscript’s service time as follows:

  • basic assistance for conscripts’ family members
  • maintenance for conscripts’ children
  • housing assistance and special assistance for conscripts’ family members
  • interest on student loans
  • assistance for conscripts’ housing costs.

Conscripts allowance can be paid to conscripts in active service and reservists during reservist training and to their family members

Conscripts allowance is paid to

  • conscripts performing conscript service
  • civilian servicemen performing their service
  • reservists called up for reservist training
  • women in voluntary military service

Family members eligible to receive assistance include the following:

  • married spouse
  • cohabiting partner with whom the person has a child
  • own child
  • child of the married spouse.

Accidents during military service

The state provides compensation for accidents occurred during service time and diseases similar to an occupational illness caused by the service. According to the Military Accident Act, insurance covers conscripts performing their service, women volunteers, civilian servicemen and reservists called up for reservist training.

The State Treasury is responsible for paying compensation in case of accidents and diseases related to the service.

How to appeal against a decision on conscripts allowance

A decision on conscripts allowance will always include instructions on how to appeal. If you are dissatisfied with the decision you have received, you can appeal against it to the Social Security Appeal Board.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health does not process appeals or complaints.

Further information

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