The key statistics of the administrative branch of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health are produced by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, the Finnish Centre for Pensions and Statistics Finland.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare publishes statistics on welfare and health, and on social welfare and health care services.

The Social Insurance Institution provides statistics on the social security that it administers, including various benefits and allowances, and national pension expenditure.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions produces official statistics on pensions and persons covered by earnings-related pension insurance. The statistics are primarily based on the register data of the earnings-related pension scheme. Statistics applicable to all pension recipients are produced in co-operation with the Social Insurance Institution.

The Statistics Finland website contains links to all the 300-plus Official Statistics of Finland (OSF). While the majority of OSF statistics are compiled by Statistics Finland, these are also provided by, among others, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the Social Insurance Institution, the Finnish Centre for Pensions, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, and the Financial Supervisory Authority.

The statistics can be searched by topic or keyword, as well as by the title or provider.

Up-to-date information on key social indicators. Each indicator provides information in the form of statistical pictures, tables and analyses. The service has been implemented as a joint project between Statistics Finland and the Prime Minister's Office, in collaboration with a number of other information providers.

The Statistics Finland release calendar contains information on forthcoming statistical releases.

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