Quality recommendation aiming to guarantee high-quality ageing and improve services

Iloinen pariskuntaTogether with the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has issued a quality recommendation, which strives to guarantee high-quality ageing and effective services for those older people in need of them.

The primary goal of the recommendation is to assist municipal policy-makers and leaders in the development and evaluation of services for the older population. The producers of social and health services, professionals in the field and third sector actors can also utilise the recommendation in their own activities.

The thematic areas deal with:

  • guaranteeing functional capacity of older people,
  • arranging service counselling for clients,
  • personnel of the services,
  • structure of age-friendly services,
  • and technology. 

All the content areas have their own recommendations, which apply to both the population and individual level. Their implementation is monitored nationwide as well as locally.

The quality recommendation was prepared in a broad-based working group.

Further information

Satu Karppanen, Ministerial Adviser 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Department for Communities and Functional Capacity / YTO, Functional Capacity Unit / TOK 0295163549