100 years of the Ministry of social Affairs and Health

About a month before Finland gained its independence in 1917, the handling of social matters was transferred from the Senate’s administrative department for trade and industry to a new administrative department for social matters. The duties of the administrative department for social matters included, for example, poor relief, social insurance and promotion of sobriety.

A decree on the administrative department for social matters was issued on 8 November 1917. The modern Finnish social administration was thus launched.

Through a multi-stage development process, the administrative department for social matters finally became the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. This 100 years old Ministry has lots of experience and  is therefore very well prepared to respond to the changes to come.

Forward together

Thanks to the long-term health and social policy work, Finns have these days more healthy years of life than ever before.

The changing population age structure and the increasing pressures on public finances also affect the health and social policy. Structures will be reformed but they will not be wrecked.

The essence of our work remains unchanged: a socially sustainable Finland that promotes health, wellbeing and social inclusion, and offers the security and services needed.








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