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Ukrainian children in need of child protection services will not be evacuated to Finland

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 19.10.2022 15.38
Press release 239/2022

At Ukraine’s request, Finland was prepared to take in Ukrainian children in need of child protection services. Ukraine made a similar request to several countries in late spring 2022.

Based on a preliminary assessment and preparations made with the City of Helsinki, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health held several discussions with Ukraine over the past few weeks concerning receiving children in Finland. Following these discussions, Ukraine thanked Finland for its preparations, but decided that children would not be evacuated to Finland.
“The wellbeing of children is the most important thing to both Finland and Ukraine. The child protection legislation and practices in our countries differ. Ukraine appreciates the preparations and groundwork that Finland has done. Finland continues to be interested in helping if we can find ways to help that Ukraine can make use of,” says Anna Cantell-Forsbom from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.
Other work to help vulnerable groups will continue between Finland and Ukraine, and Finland is participating in the medical evacuation and treatment of patients from Ukraine together with other EU countries. Patient transfers are carried out through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.
Ukrainians who have already arrived in Finland are also being helped in many other ways. Several hundred Ukrainian children have arrived in Finland, some of whom are in the country without a guardian. These children are receiving support provided by the Finnish Immigration Service and municipalities as necessary.


Anna Cantell-Forsbom, Director, tel. +358 295 163 351, [email protected]


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