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Financial position of persons in need of unemployment security will be strengthened

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 9.4.2020 18.40 | Published in English on 15.4.2020 at 11.21
Press release 94/2020

Employers are now in a situation where they have to adjust their operations as the demand is weakening due to the coronavirus epidemic. The livelihood of employees will be strengthened as many of them are facing unemployment or layoffs.

The Unemployment Security Act, the Act on Financing of Unemployment Benefits and the Act on Unemployment Funds will be amended temporarily.
  • The five-day waiting period before a person is eligible for unemployment security will be abolished. This concerns earnings-related unemployment allowance, basic unemployment allowance and labour market support. The allowances payable for these days will be funded by the State.
  • The required period of employment for wage-earners will be shortened. Fulfilling the required period of employment is a prerequisite for receiving unemployment allowance. The required period of employment will be 13 calendar weeks instead of the present 26 calendar weeks. For non-owner family members of entrepreneurs the required period of employment will be 26 calendar weeks instead of the present 52 calendar weeks. 
  • Unemployment allowances paid on the grounds of layoffs will not be taken into account in calculating the maximum period of payment that applies to the unemployment allowance. This amendment will improve unemployment security should the unemployment be prolonged. 
The Acts will enter into force on 15 April 2020 and will remain in force until 6 July 2020. The amendments will be applied retroactively, starting on 16 March 2020.
Further information on how these amendments affect your own unemployment benefits can be obtained from the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) or your own unemployment fund.


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