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Government decisions in autumn 2021 budget session:
Progress made in seven-day cap on waiting times for access to care

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 9.9.2021 15.55
Press release 253/2021

In its budget session, the Government allocated additional funding for bringing down the maximum waiting times for access to care. The maximum waiting times for access to primary healthcare will be shortened from the current three months to seven days. This means that access to non-urgent care must be arranged within seven days of the assessment of the need for care.

The new legislation on quicker access to care will enter into force during this government term.

For the purpose of shortening the maximum waiting times, a spending limits provision of EUR 50 million will at this point be made for 2023 in addition to the funding already included in the General Government Fiscal Plan. A decision on the entire funding will be made in connection with the General Government Fiscal Plan for 2023–2026. The date of submitting the government proposal on the maximum waiting times for access to care will be decided by the end of October 2021. 

Non-urgent care is provided by health centres. Certain maximum waiting times have been set for access to care. If the health centre or hospital cannot provide care within the time limit prescribed by law, they must procure it elsewhere. 


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