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Implementation of the EAA has begun – aiming for a society accessible to all

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 23.6.2021 15.42
Press release 184/2021
Woman in a wheelchair uses a computer

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has appointed a working group to prepare the government proposal on the implementation of the EAA in Finland.

The EAA requires that both the public and private sector actors guarantee the accessibility of certain products and services. The EAA must be transposed by each EU Member State by 28 June 2022. The application of EAA begins on 28 June 2025.

In accordance with the Government's policy, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is responsible for co-ordinating the implementation of the EAA, while other ministries participate in the preparation in line with their specific field.

The EAA makes products and services accessible and increases inclusion

The purpose of the EAA is to make products and services more accessible and, in this way, make society more inclusive and facilitate the independent lives of persons with disabilities. At the same time, it will increase the availability and free movement of accessible products and services by harmonising relevant requirements in the Member States.

The EAA specifically concerns products and services relating to ICT and are particularly important for the full participation of persons with disabilities in the life of the community. These include computers and their operating systems, smartphones, e-commerce and consumer banking services. 

Proposal scheduled for consultation in autumn 2021

The working group's preparation schedule is tight, as the draft government proposal is expected to be sent for consultation in autumn 2021. The aim is to consult stakeholders in different ways during the preparation. The government proposal will be submitted to Parliament in spring 2022.

Documents and preparatory material related to the EAA will be made available as collected on the website


Emilia Ojala, Project Manager, tel. +358 (0)295 163418

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